Surefire strategies for capturing media coverage

Why You Need a Media Relations Program and Where to Start

The biggest reason to have a media relations program is so that you can generate awareness of your organization. It does little good to have a product that no one knows exists. Even more importantly, media coverage acts as validation for your company. Over 92% of consumers trust paid media. It’s one thing to brag about yourself, it’s another entirely for someone else to brag about you.

How to Create a Meaningful Story

Once you’ve done your research and identified key journalists, it’s time for a reality check. Do you really have a good story? Is it unique? Is it newsworthy? Is it something that a reporter is going to be interested in? You have to take a good, hard look at your story and make sure it fits those criteria.

You Got the Interview. Now What?

Once you built the relationships and you have the attention of a journalist, they will ask for an interview, but you have to know how to get the most out of it. Firstly, an interview will rarely be a hostile “gotcha” moment, but you do have to prepare.

Getting the Most Value for Your Media Coverage

Media coverage is an amazing resource to drive leads. Once an article is live, make sure you share it via your social media (both company channels and employee’s channels), website and newsletter. Then, share it again. Coverage inspires consumer trust and it is a great lead-generation engine.

Now That You Have a Strategy, Adapt it to COVID-19

For the most part, media relations strategies do not change dramatically over the years. However, when the pandemic hit, publications were highly impacted. As advertisers decreased budgets, many reporters were furloughed or laid off, and everyone’s coverage strategies changed.

Getting Started With a Media Relations Plan

Many times, when I first meet with someone who has not executed a media relations plan, I find that PR can make them nervous. After all, it relies on you building relationships with reporters, who can sometimes feel like an intimidating breed. But the fact is, people are people, and we all value relationships. Ultimately, a reporter’s job is to tell a great story. If you can help them tell a great story, you’re helping them do a great job.



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