How LaunchTN is Leading the State’s Entrepreneurs to Success

Capital ideas

A common thread throughout the statewide conversations was the need for access to capital. “All of these markets, whether they’re rural, urban, even within Nashville, need greater access to capital,” Dolan explained. “Often they find it in locales that are not within Tennessee, which then requires them to make a choice between accepting the capital or having to move their operations so that they can be closer to the investor.”

36|86 connects entrepreneurs, investors, leaders

One way LaunchTN is working to address the capital issue and other challenges experienced by entrepreneurs throughout the state is the annual36|86 Entrepreneurship Festival. In two days of programming at multiple venues in Nashville, attendees hear from industry leaders and investors on topics ranging from the latest tech trends to creative ways to find capital, plus enjoy networking events, hands-on workshops, and more.

‘A rising tide lifts all boats’

“Tennessee is one of a handful of states that actually has a statewide organization responsible for coordinating resources to support entrepreneurs,” Dolan said. “I think that as a community — and I mean our entire state — we understand the important role small businesses and startups play in actually driving our economic success.”



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36|86 Festival

36|86 Festival

36|86 brings together innovators, pioneers, investors & visionaries to shape the future of business.